Family Care

"You were a "calm in the storm" that truly helped me through."  Client after working through a difficult transition in her life

"Dear Mark, you started the wheels rolling which was just what I wanted- a catalyst so to speak to help me on to discovery."  Client in crisis seeking meaning in her life

"Dear Mark, thank you for your kindness and spiritual counsel. I'll never forget you.”  Client working on her own spirituality.

"Mark, thank you! I appreciate your encouragement of my movement in creating a living space for myself and the realization of my dreams in my new life experiences after "Katrina." Client managing a transition to a "new normal" after losing everything in hurricane Katrina

"Thank you for sharing your insights into spiritual care. You provided exactly the guidance I needed at this stage of my journey to help form a clearer picture of my academic direction."  Second career student in transition from one career to another

Counseling Endorsements

Individual Care

Couple Care

Grief Counseling, Marriage Counseling Services

"How can we begin thanking you for the incredible caring and love you have shown. Sometimes some of the things we had to face and make decisions about were very difficult. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the guidance you have given us. It gave us peace and strength. We knew we were not alone and were making the right choices." Daughter on behalf of her family after going through a difficult transition in life For 

"Dear Mark, I can not describe the comfort it has given me to know that my mom 'connected' with you and was able to process some of her history. It was not easy for her to do this."  
Daughter whose mother I counseled

"Thank you for the spiritual blessing you offered my dad in his last days on earth." 
Son grieving his dad's death.​

​Mark W. Neville, MDiv

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"Mark, thank you for the gift of your spirit, words, and presence."  Client transitioning from being divorced for several years to getting married again.

"Dear Mark, we really appreciate the time you took to talk with us. Your input has 'stuck' with me. Your kindness and support has helped make a difficult time a little easier." Couple that received counseling during a difficult time in their relationship